Paul Willard

About Paul

Here’s a wee bit about me.

Firstly about the name TerminalAddict. Many moons ago I was in a chat room (#musb on freednode) chatting with a bloke called DragonMage. DragonMage is a member of

Well I was helping some people with Mandrake (or some other distro, I can’t remember) and all my help was telling them to open a command line interface (CLI) which is also called a terminal, so soon enough DragonMage started saying I was addicted to the terminal.

The name developed from there, and I thought it was very appropriate for the following reasons

  • I use a terminal for everything
  • I am a smoker, which could be terminal, and I am addicted
  • I ride motorcycles, which could be terminal, and I am addicted
  • Many of my other hobbies / habits could be described the same way

So I stuck with the name, also it wasn’t being used anywhere, by anyone else, which is pretty amazing in this day and age.

Here’s a couple of ways you can get in contact with me:
P: +6421638223
E: Send me an Email

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