So this month saw me do a bunch of things.


1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress celebrated Halloween by having some fun with maps, hat, and “bosses”

2. Travel

I went to China for two weeks; Spent the days in a Chinese university (Lingnan) and the evening with my awesome MBA group. Mostly partying, drinking, talking rubbish in to the wee small hours; what every good senior management group does when they let their hair down. It was awesome fun !

I came back with an RC helicopter, a few “rolex” watches, and some cool stuff for the Whanau.

Lots of memorable stories, and a handfull of photos (they’re on facebook if you want to look)

  1. Gadgets


I bought an iPad

Mostly it is a cool toy, but I bought it with good intentions, and as such have already laid out a fair bit on iTunes app store.

I’ve got some communications apps (IM+, Facebook, LinkedIn) a whole heaps of news apps (NZ Herald, Stuff, NYT, TVNZ, BBC, Newsrack) and the big three business apps (Keynote, Numbers, and Pages)

More interestingly I have found reading from it quite easy, so I have a bunch of hobby reading things (I’m currently reading a briefer history in time) plus even more university things. So if things go well (which why shouldn’t they?) I’ll be sitting on the couch reading my uni work, not at my desk.

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