Today, after a very short battle with Pancreatic cancer which had quickly spread to other organs, Lexi passed away while on the operating table.
She was born on the 8th of April, 2014, as an only pup, on a farm in Miranda.
She was special from the beginning.
I love her very much, and will miss her dearly.

Lexi on her first day home.

Lexi in the Kaimanawa forest in 2022.

She has always been a kind and loving dog right from the start.
When she arrived home on the first day she met the resident cat - A cat named TiVo.
Turns out they were to be best friends until TiVo passed.

When I was living with Helen we decided that Lexi was feeling a bit lonely at home, so we hatched a plan to breed Lexi, and keep one of her pups.
Helen met a Border Collie name Leo, and soon enough Lexi had her first litter on the 28th of February, 2017.
She had 7 Pups; 2 girls, 5 boys.

  • Arnie
  • Flame
  • Holly
  • Molly
  • Ollie (who was renamed to Wilson)
  • Spot (who was renamed to Munroe)
  • Star

She was a great mum ❤️.
Helen kept Holly.

In June 2018 Lexi had her second litter.
She had 6 pups; 1 girl, 5 boys.

  • Phoenix
  • Copper
  • Oliver
  • Rolly
  • Tommy
  • Duke

She has always been with me, or around me, or in the background, watching me.
I forget how many nights we have spent cuddling on the couch.
Crikey, even last night she had her head on my chest while we were sleeping on the bed together.

She has had some really good people friends in her 8 years, 7 months, 16 days of life:

  • Well … me 💕
  • Georgia Willard
  • Ashleigh Webb
  • Karen Sims
  • Susan Trodden
  • Helen Willard (Donnison)
  • Sarah Smith
  • Paula Withers
  • Neville Nunns
  • Teresa Norgren

Lexi, photo taken today (24th November, 2022) on the way to surgery.

In 2021 our little family grew a bit more when I adopted Petra (the cat) mostly to keep you company while I was at work.
She’ll miss you too. 😿

Lexi, I’m sorry we couldn’t grow old together.
You have been the most amazing dog; truly a gentle soul.
My heart is broken. 💔 😢

I will remember you for the rest of my life.

Lexi’s funeral procession. Just me and her.

Here are some memories we had together:

Thumbnail: 10708052_810990365589250_2069857884_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 10806340_853205494701070_5078659469901035583_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 10966862_10204586588437521_1033543921_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 129176753_509770916649081_4822402319626924170_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 131210960_1031403590689238_1759259415307213285_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 133690009_3734255016596089_2235269562398584159_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 13466482_1140895079265442_1379541615208356041_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 178071856_1116650435497886_1636353806264751298_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 20170228_182554.jpg
Thumbnail: 20170305_152938.jpg
Thumbnail: 20170502_151314.jpg
Thumbnail: 20170503_194513.jpg
Thumbnail: 20171226_160130.jpg
Thumbnail: 20171226_160134.jpg
Thumbnail: 20171226_160135.jpg
Thumbnail: 20180405_210734.jpg
Thumbnail: 20180612_172700.jpg
Thumbnail: 20190320_204026.jpg
Thumbnail: 20190330_154217.jpg
Thumbnail: 20190404_195747.jpg
Thumbnail: 20190615_114018.jpg
Thumbnail: 20191121_072431.jpg
Thumbnail: 20191218_161225.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200102_175003.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200105_103742.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200105_103847.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200116_073641.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200210_193933.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200403_184531.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200409_160424.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200411_170059.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200413_135126.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200608_083141.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200927_191724.jpg
Thumbnail: 20200927_191730.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201016_204155.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201016_204215.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201016_204226.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201205_143602.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201205_144440.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201205_144451.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201229_114830.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201229_114942.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201229_114945.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201229_114956.jpg
Thumbnail: 20201229_115014.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210320_130400.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210320_130653.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210422_193111.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210612_185636.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210612_185649.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210614_143555.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210623_183856.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210623_183920.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210705_200000.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210707_193735.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210707_193746.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210808_185006.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210906_184211.jpg
Thumbnail: 20210906_184350.jpg
Thumbnail: 20211016_081623.jpg
Thumbnail: 20211114_095844.jpg
Thumbnail: 20211210_165226.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220107_213305.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220116_091731.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220116_094547.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220722_205822.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220813_163933.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220813_164018.jpg
Thumbnail: 20220813_164024.jpg
Thumbnail: 20221101_201626.jpg
Thumbnail: 20221124_155346.jpg
Thumbnail: 250566301_1200188293800781_7042317495056074261_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 250621072_1038284090292642_1547589475641591372_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 251617644_592796895107833_1879737879797942394_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 253129162_1280598869123029_6302172013553809429_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 275922015_402172945053426_3564977690257604200_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 288946495_637935394513294_7058323883362661707_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 291737371_583190289812379_6757977227264387702_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 310725814_496320542389341_1480102022319566662_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 311460264_1024215742312071_7092435205080268781_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 313928335_3287886174781940_1679322983779583007_n.jpg
Thumbnail: 72911831_415005362472468_4080471797399552000_n.jpg
Thumbnail: FB_IMG_1622957380504.jpg
Thumbnail: FB_IMG_1670997201788.jpg
Thumbnail: IMG_20181115_201448_465.jpg
Thumbnail: IMG_20200105_131132_665.jpg
Thumbnail: IMG_20200116_081052_878.jpg
Thumbnail: IMG_20200407_095059_716.jpg
Thumbnail: IMG_3895.jpg
Thumbnail: Lexi-Willard.jpg
Thumbnail: received_626765619111918.jpg



It’s the next day, and I’ve been crying on and off for 26 hours.
I haven’t felt this hurt since my wife died of cancer in 2012.
I feel so desperately alone and empty, even though I’ve had visits from my friends (Paula, Sarah, and Neville)
Two days ago I would’ve cuddled my dog for affection. 😢


hey paul -Craig here (Safari owner who ventured into the Woodhills forest with you) gutted to hear about Lexi ; Ive only had my dog Lil Biscuit for 2 years; and she is so important to us (like kid like important - actually my 23 year old daughter is a little jealous now that I refer to lil biscuit as my youngest daughter ). With relationships ending - what an absolutely shite time to lose your best mate. I think the only thing to do is go and get another dog who will never be the same , but then thats what will make the next adventure /chapter that much cooler. On a more boring note, it was great to see you have got the cannon all back shiny and new. I never fixed the door on my truck - figured it will be a reminder to myself to not be a dickhead. speaking of 4wd , the club is off out to Karamu 4wd trail this weekend (sat) ; if you need to get out of the house and have some company from a motley crew of 4wd enthusiasts - then you should come along . see ya mate , take care and dont be a stranger - hope to see you at the next cozzie club meeting / event (ps. bummer about the 42 traverse ! ive never done it and now there is a huge slip)

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