So I’m a bit of a fan of Street Fighter IV :)


It brings back memorires of time in the 80s and 90s staying up all night with Jason, Glenn, and Mark .. trying desperately to outdo each other .. or mostly at that time outdo Glenn (if I remember correctly)

A few weeks back steam released Street Fighter IV for only $20 !! sweet .. I’m in there, like swimwear!

Last week mightyape had a sale on the Madcatz SE fighting stick.

Note: apologies for the photos, I only had my iPhone to take photos with.

So after googling about a bit, and confirming the madcatz fighting stick will work with PC (unlike the hori stick) .. BAM . .I bought that bad boy.

I already had a Sanwa Joystick which I purchased last summer for a cabinet project that I have never started, but some discussion with the boys at work, and I had placed an order for 8 Sanwa buttons. I’m going to kit this mofo out !!


So I started with the original, looking at the back the thing is only secured by 6 screws, so out they come:


Looking inside, I am pleasantly surprised that this is going to be a wicked easy job .. plug and play !!! You’ll need 8 Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons, and one Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick .. I bought mine from


Inside the buttons are just clipped in, and the joystick is held in by 4 screws (and some glue . .yawn!)


The connectors are all done for you by the way .. no wiring or soldering required .. sweet !!!

Simply remove old crappy stuff, and replace with sweet new Sanwa stuff :)


Sanwa parts installed baby !!

The joystick: (you can see the connector)


The buttons:


And the finished product:


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