So it’s 6:41pm and I’m on a train destined for Papakura before jumping the car to head home.


It’s the end of day one as VP of operations (that’s what Americans call an operations manager :) ) at SMX ({: target=”_blank”} - Oh, note SMX is NZ owned :) but I’ve not been a VP of anything so colour me chuffed :)

The commute to work was a bit stressful when I jumped on the train to hear over the PA “10 to 15 minute delay due to a fault at Sylvia park”, but my stress was soon gone when greeted by a cheerful Kate (oh gawd I hope I got her name right - Remembering names is the hardest bit about day one)

I feel strangely at home, amongst the nerds of the world. Brings back fond memories of my time at NetValue and iTouch.

You find the geeks, the nerds, the socially awkward, the deep thinkers, the zealots, the demanding sales people - This is where stuff happens !!!!

Excited for day two ! Not surprising, but still surprised and pinching myself a bit

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