So, obviously I’ve been blogging about my truck. 😂
It’s been super fun building my Cannon, and surprisingly, some people have started asking me questions about their GWM Cannon.
In this entry, I’ll show you how to adjust the “auto volume” settings in your GWM Cannon.

Yeah, so people from all over the world have started asking me stuff about their GWM Cannons.
I’ve been approached from people in Australia, UK, Jamaica, USA, Poland, and more!.
So I’ve started video blogging a bit more, plus it’s fun thing to do.

Also, there’s a reasonably active “GWM Cannon Owners of New Zealand” group on Facebook.

This week a new GWM Cannon owner asked:

I just have a question about the radio in my cannon. It goes softer when I slow down to take a turn or going over a speed bump or something like that. I personally don’t have a problem with it. But it seems to irritate my wife a lot. I think it’s a safety thing. Can you change this in a settings?.

Well, yes you can change that in the settings.

So here’s a video of where to find the settings.

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