Well, the GWM Cannon Ute / P-Series / Poer / Pao isn’t the perfect truck.
I love it 🥰, but there a few niggly things that I wish GWM would fix.
Here are 5 slightly annoying things about the GWM Cannon ute.

The Software Boot Randomness

Sometimes the software boots immediately, sometimes the software goes through a complete boot process.
And this can take a while.
I can be out my driveway, and 100 metres down the road before the software has completely booted up. 🐌


No interior light in the back of the cab

Sheesh, GWM, put a light in the back please

Hello darkness my old friend 🎵🎵


Unable to control the sound system while the camera is operating

Yep, you read that right.
Any time the camera is operating, you cannot control any of the sound system.

Sometimes I’m mid-reversing, and need to concentrate, which as we all knows, requires turning the volume down.


Let us turn off lane keep assist ( LKA ) permanently

Lane Keep Assist is on, by default.
Which means we can’t do things like check our tyre pressure, or display our fuel consumption.

Yes, we can turn it off, but we have to turn it off every time we start the truck.

Please let us turn it off permanently.

Or even better, move the display to the completely wasted screen space in the centre console.


Decide on your branding

Pick a brand image, and go with it.
Just decided already 🤣


The video

and now for the video:



Hey mate,

Have you had any dealings with using Android auto on your cannon. I actually bought one last week because of your videos, well the value of it is good but also cause of your experience with it. Anyway, picked it up and wanted to connect my Android auto but it doesn’t seem to be either installed or setup which is pissing me off… Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Cheers


Hey James
I have a Samsung s20FE which works fine with Android auto, plugged in of course.
I do know there were some software update earlier in the year that fixed some Android problems.
Maybe check with your dealer? (where are you based in the world?)

I also know that my very old Android tablet (Android 7) simply won’t connect in any way.

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