Here is the photos of one adventure, where I walked south from Paeroa by myself. Here  is another where I walked up Mount Pirongia with Ashleigh. The story for this weekend: Hurunui


Well 3 hours to Hurunui hut. I departed the carpark at 10 arrived at the hut at 1:16 (wow - this gps tracking makes telling stories a bit easier :) )

Stopped for a bite. Met two hunters that were well set up in the hut. Carried on to my planned destination Mangamuka Hut.

Well the rain got harder, and my fitness started to fade, so at 2:40pm I turned to head back to Hurunui hut. By the time I got back to the hut the rain had eased, and I was on my second wind, so rather than share a hut I decided to walk out for a hot shower and a cold beer :)

Made it to the road at 6:25pm which I was very pleased to see as the light was start to dramatically fade under the bush canopy.

Another 30 minutes of road walking put me back at my car at 6:49pm

9 hours; 1 hour 20 minutes of stop time, 23.95 kms.

Quite sore today :)

This was a big day for me :) 9 hours I was at the far end of my fitness level; I’d just started to feel a little nauseas, and the slightest change in elevation (up or down) meant I had to stop for 20 seconds or so to let my legs recover :P


If you have Garmin Basecamp or Garmin Mapsource you should be able to view this gpx file

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