For quite some time I’ve been watching the price of wheel flares online.
I had a phone call with Savage Tech in Australia about them, but the shipping was exorbitant.
Finally Northland Autos imported a few from China, along with some snorkels.
I’m in !! 😂

So a cheeky email to Northland Autos along the lines of:
“Guys, give me a sweet deal”
And what do you know? they gave me a sweet deal!

The Wheel Flares

So, I started with the wheel flares.
Give the truck the best possible wash you can, and around the wheel arches, clean with alcohol 🥂
LOL, no really … I actually use glass cleaner because it has really high alcohol content.

The install isn’t “difficult” per se, but it is fiddly.
You have to bolt the underside of the wheel flares to your existing guard, and the top of the flare is held in place with 3m double sided tape.

Also, they move after installing 😔
Mine ended up exposing a gap, which I filled with silicone.

Of course I made a video 😉

The Snorkel

Well, the snorkel was easier to install, but much scarier, as you have to drill big holes in your truck 🥴!

The trick is measure, then measure again, then measure again, then measure again.
Don’t ever trust your last measurement; measure again before you drill.

I also did a follow up video about the air plumbing:

Tyres - Maxxis AT811 Razr

And of course I put some tyres on.


The law with tyres

The law says you can go + or - 5% in overall diameter without needing a low volume cert.
The Cannon has 265/60/R18 tyres from the factory.
That’s a total of 775.2mm diameter.

Fitted tyres are 275/65/R18.
A total of 814.7mm diameter.

cough +5.09% cough
Darryl at Keppler’s said he would fail me for a WOF.

How I’m going to get around the law

My plan is to put my road tyres on another set of rims (which I have done), and store them.
Then come WOF time, put my road tyres on, and my off road tyres in the tray.
That way the TPMS system will still see the off road tyres that have the TPMS stems in them, and not-error out for a WOF. 👍
And the truck will be wearing legal OEM tyres and rims. 👌

The Result

Well I think it looks friggen amazing !!!

What do you think?


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As a follow up
The liquid nails I used to attach the snorkel to the A pillar became brittle, and eventually the snorkel broke free of the pillar.
A visit to my local adhesive shop, and I learned that I should use a polyurethane adhesive (any PU adhesive, there are a number made by different companies).
I bought some Soudal Gorilla 940FC
I’ve sanded the pillar back to bare metal and re-glued, hopefully it is more permanent now

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