After a few months of not blogging I thought it time to do a “catch up” blog of what’s been going on in life.
The truck has been completely repaired after the damage I did at Woodhill.
I’ve bought a roof top tent.
My passenger seat is empty again. 🙄

But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks,
Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;
I, that am rudely stamp’d, and want love’s majesty
To strut before a wanton ambling nymph; 1

The GWM Cannon repair

So, yeah … I did a fair bit of damage at Woodhiil; lots of panels were bashed, almost all of them.

Shout out to the team at Bernie Fama Panel and Paint.
They did a wonderful job of repair, and my truck is back to it’s previous glorious state.

Also, a shout out to Hamilton Stripes and Signs.
They took a photo of my original decals, and then replicated them almost identically !
Very cool guys!

The Roof Top Tent

So, Matt and I went to the Sika Show, which was pretty cool.
Lots of guns. 🔫
There was also a couple of 4x4 exhibits, so, y’know, I got thinking. 😆

A day or so later I posted in the local Waikato 4x4 facebook group, and low and behold, someone has an ARB Simpson III roof top tent for sale.
So a small amount of negotiation, and I have a Roof Top Tent (RTT) mounted on the back of the Cannon. 👍
I’ll report back once I’ve used it.

Spare Passengers seat

Teresa and I called it quits.
Not a whole lot of drama.
In fact, basically no drama at all.

But, I have a spare passenger seat now. 🤣
And, I have a spare side of a roof top tent. 🏕️

The Video

And of course .. here’s a video. 😀

That doesn’t suit me. I’m the wrong type for sexual games;
I wasn’t cut out to admire myself in a mirror.
I am badly shaped and lack the looks to feel at ease swaggering in front of a pretty, flighty girl.

  1. Translation: 

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