Crikey, 6 months since my last blog entry. Lots has happened, let’s start with the new toy.
Introducing Ila, my new Sea Nymph 14’6 boat!


So after years of talking about it with Matt, something finally clicked. Possibly related to other changes in my life 🤣
One day, after spending a few days trawling the internet looking at boats, I plucked up the courage, rung a guy, and asked to come and look at his boat he had for sale.

A few more visits later and I find myself with Matt looking at a boat that I reckon is really good.
We check it over, start the motor, kick the tyres, and then I make an offer.
Minutes later I’m towing the boat home.

So the next few weekends are spent on the boat, with Matt, or Warren, or Georgia. Fishing, getting for a feel of “how to boat” etc.


So much fun!
We (Matt, Georgia, and I) went out from Tauranga harbour one day, learned some stuff (like: put two stroke oil in your two stroke motor!), so much fun!


Personal Update

So some personal things have happened too!
On September 15, 2019 I told Helen I was leaving her.
On November 2nd, 2019 I moved out.

Thanks to help from my sister, I have a place in Ellicott Road, and have spent the summer renovating. Both doing some stuff myself, and getting experts in.
The house doesn’t have room for the monster tank, so unfortunately the monster tank had to go. 😢
The African tank, and fish moved without any problems, and the community planted tank hasn’t really settled into how I’m going to use it just yet.

I currently have a Flowerhorn in the 300L, but I’ve just sold him, because it didn’t feel right. My next plan is to go for a Bichir and Ctenopoma tank. I’m sure I’ll post about it 😀

My sister (Karen) visited over Christmas, it’s so nice seeing her! We had a wonderful time, literally just talking for days on end.


Lexi is super happy, she gets to sleep next to me (on the floor!), and chill with me every evening. Plus we go walking almost everday.


So despite the tumultuous experience of leaving Helen, I’m pretty bloody good!
#LivingMyBestLife 😂



Hey! Good on ya mate. I know we haven’t seen each other in a few years. But would like to think when we do it’s like it’s only been a few days. Happy that your good! Enjoy the boat, give me a heads up when your at the mount next time 😂

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