The all new GWM Cannon ( Poer / Pao / P-Series ) gets a 4x4 work out this weekend.
So much fun, and a little challenging for my first time out in the truck.

Back Story

Back in August I bought my first 4x4 from Keppler, it was a Greatwall x200. I traded my Greatwall v240.
I’ve always wanted a 4x4, not sure why, but the deciding factor was being able to drive up Ruapehu to go snowboarding in the winter. Lots of days the access road up the mountain is open only to 4 wheel drives.

Unfortunately, due to a moment’s inattention, and some sunstrike, the Greatwall x200 got parked in a council garden after ploughing through a lamp post. 😲

The Mighty GWM Cannon

Obviously, having owned two previous Greatwall vehicles I like the brand.
You get great cars, for not much money.

Plus, recently Matt bought a Haval H6; Haval is also a GWM brand; and Matt’s car is awesome!
So, I did some research on what trucks I might like, but the Cannon, which was launched to the world in December 2020, was always top of the list.

After some magic happened in my life, I end up with a GWM Cannon parked in my driveway! 🤩

Thanks Aaron and Tim from Keppler for being legends.
I mean Aaron even gave me a Holden Commodore to do skids in for a week while my truck was getting prepped! (umm .. no I never did skids, honest Aaron 😏🤣😂)

The First Cannon Adventure

So, I’ve got a 4x4 truck, but can it 4x4? 🤔

The Destination

Time to test it out, I’m heading to the central plateau, specifically the Kaimanawa Forest Park.

The drive there is regular highway driving, and the Cannon is comfortable !!! and loaded full of safety features.

  • Lane keep assist (it keeps you in your lane).
  • Assisted cruise control (meaning you never have to adjust; it matches the speed of the car in front).
  • 360 degree camera which auto turns on when indicating (you get see down the side of the truck).

Plus, all the things you’d expect in a nice truck. Air con, Android Auto, Apple car play, heated seats …

We get to our destination, and it’s a gravel road. I’m a bit disappointed, and even more so when I discover a Toyota Prius parked at the end of the road. Time to hunt through my topo maps.

The First 4x4 Track and Camp

I find a service track that services some power poles in the forest.

Man, I’m having a blast now!
It’s not complicated, but I get to put the truck in 4x4 proper!

And then we set up for the night, alongside a dam.

And wake the next morning to a frozen environment, frozen windscreen and all!


But y’know .. I’m in high spirits coz I love this !!🥰


Day Two Ruapehu and Waipakihi

We head across the highway for lunch.
I mean, you kinda need 4wd to get up this road in summer (mind you it is freezing, it doesn’t feel like summer !!! 🥶), then again maybe you don’t need 4wd.🤷
The view is cool !!


Legit 4x4 Driving in the GWM Cannon

Then we head across to Waipakihi road end.
This is what I have always wanted to do !!

The road breaks away into deep ruts, and proper 4wd territory!
My first encounter I manage to get the truck balanced on two wheels!

Then comes the first encounter with water.
The entry into the stream is steep, with a steep exit. I’ve never done this before 😱
And I don’t even know what the truck can do !! But this is exactly why I wanted to do this, learn about my truck.

Through that, and straight into my first ever river crossing!!

I mean .. I am beyond excited .. that was such a cool thing to do !!!

Later on, I walk back with Lexi, and take a pic ….
Holy crap !@!@!!!!@ I just drove across that river !!!!!

Camp for the night

We find a sweet spot for the night, unpack and set up.





We also go for a walk and find some other 4x4ers up the river further.

man! I am definitely coming back here, and bringing Matt with a gun I reckon, because we are on the border of hunting grounds.

Time to crank the fire and chuck some steaks on it!



Then sit back, and drink whiskey from a tin cup, and relax.


The way out

The next morning is warm, dry, quiet; just lovely 💕

And God bless her, Teresa offers to wade across the river to video my crossing. Awesome !!
I also dig out the gopro Chinese copy camera 😏 (SJCAM SJ4000) and hang that out the window to record.


OMG !!! that was so much fun!!
I’m so keen to go do some more adventures !!!

The front camera on the Cannon means you can see in front of the truck while doing crazy stuff!
What a cool feature that I hadn’t even considered until I used it.

Thanks heaps to Teresa for being Teresa and coming with me.

Lexi had a great time.

And ..



Good read, nice spot. Been there twice but never stayed. You wouldn’t want to get caught out across the river with a flash flood (which was my concern having spent much time in the army training land).

Maybe you could start a YouTube channel showing your adventures. People are making a living of that stuff. Check out the ‘Epic family road trip’, first seen them in New Zealand but they are from Canada. Anyway keep up with your own adventures and posting on the gwm (not much out there and people are searching) you might get a good following.

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